Caribbean Holidaze 2008

Caribbean Holidaze 2008
December 11-15, 2008
Breezes & Hedonism Resorts
Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Now that we had our bearings, we all came back barreling with enthusiasm knowing the lay of the land. Everyone could relax sooner and begin the party even sooner! There is something about sitting by the beach all day and seeing shows starting at 10:00pm that is delightful. But thats not all. The one and only Toots and the Maytals graced us in his home country. Telepath rocked it late night. Mad Professor was back by popular demand. Wylls & Zach Hagan spun in the Disco. Toubab Krewe not only played two delightful shows, but also traveled to a girls orphanage where music and dancing echoed off the ceilings, while boxes of donated clothes were presented to them. Aron Magner played in a pool volleyball game. Brendan Bayliss ran up and down the courts in his 2nd annual tennis tournament. Three out of four days had illustrious theme nights, where participation was rampant! The Biscuits and Umphreys each play 3 full shows. Here's the best part: each band played close to one of their greatest shows ever. Jake Cinniger told us that they walked out on stage, looked at each other and said, Lets do it. Brownie told us that each of them let go of every single inhibition and became a musical force of four individuals molded into one for three straight hours. 

When you arrive in Jamaica, the locals welcome you home. We feel that. All 800 of us: bands, fans and staff alike. Its the most comfortable place to live under palm trees, below blue skies, in warm ocean water, all while dancing with no shoes on, toes crimping the sand, in awe that this is real, this is a place each and every one of us know truly the best. 

You ever slam dunk a basketball something so perfectly that you and your teammates high five each other running back to the other end of the court smiling and saying great shot? Thats how we felt after Caribbean Holidaze last week.